Objective of Educational Research



The objective of educational research is to systematically investigate and gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of education. Educational research aims to contribute to the improvement of teaching, learning, and educational policies by generating empirical evidence and knowledge. Some of the primary objectives of educational research include:




1.   Understanding Learning Processes: Educational research seeks to understand how people learn and process information, both in formal educational settings and in informal learning contexts.

2. Assessment and Evaluation: Researchers in education often focus on developing and improving assessment methods and tools to measure student performance and evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.

3.   Curriculum Development: Research in education can help design and refine curricula to meet the needs of learners and align with educational goals and standards.

4.   Teacher Professional Development: Educational research explores ways to enhance teacher training and development to improve classroom instruction.

5.  Policy Analysis: Researchers examine educational policies and their impact on students, teachers and educational systems, helping policymakers make informed decisions.

6.  Identifying and Addressing Educational Challenges: Research identifies problems and challenges in education such as achievement gaps, disparities in educational access or the impact of technology on learning and suggests strategies to address them.

7.  Innovation and Improvement: Educational research often seeks innovative approaches and technologies to enhance the quality of education and adapt to changing societal needs.

8.  Evidence-Based Practice: It aims to provide educators with evidence-based strategies and interventions to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

9. Promoting Equity: Research can shed light on issues related to educational equity, social justice helping to create more equitable educational systems.

10. Longitudinal Studies: Some educational research focuses on long-term studies to track the       development and outcomes of educational interventions and policies over time.

11. International Comparisons: Researchers may compare educational systems and practices across countries to learn from successful approaches and adapt them to different contexts.

12. Theory Development: Educational research contributes to the development of theories and       models that help explain educational phenomena and guide further research and practice.

Overall, the objective of educational research is to generate knowledge that can inform and improve the field of education, leading to better educational experiences and outcomes for learners at all levels. It plays a crucial role in shaping educational policies, practices and innovations.






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