Meaning of Educational Research

Educational research refers to the systematic investigation and study of educational practices, policies, methods, and outcomes with the aim of improving education. It is a field of inquiry that seeks to generate new knowledge, inform educational decision-making, and contribute to the development of effective teaching and learning strategies. Educational research can take many forms, including quantitative studies, qualitative studies, experimental research, case studies, surveys, and more.


The primary goals of educational research include:

1. Understanding: To gain insights into various aspects of education, such as learning processes, student performance, teaching methods, curriculum design and educational policies.

2. Improvement: To identify areas where educational practices can be enhanced and leading to better outcomes for students and educators.

3. Evaluation: To assess the effectiveness of specific educational programs, interventions or policies.

4. Policy Development: To inform the development and revision of educational policies and regulations at local, regional or national levels.

5. Innovation: To promote the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning methods.

6. Evidence-Based Practice: To provide educators and policymakers evidence-based information to guide their decision-making and practices.

Educational researchers often use a variety of research methods including data collection, analysis, and interpretation to investigate educational phenomena. They may work in schools, universities, research institutions or government agencies and collaborate with teachers, administrators and other stakeholders to conduct research that has a positive impact on education.